Hope Starts Here - child sponsorship

About Hope Starts Here - child sponsorship

When you choose to sponsor a child, your $25 a month commitment helps our students in the following ways:

School fees:
Providing school fees enables parents to send their children to school when otherwise the yearly, monthly and additional fees would be too big of a burden for the family.

Two sets of uniforms:
Uniforms are required for school attendance. Often students use hand me down uniforms that don't fit well, have holes in them, are missing buttons or belt loops. By providing new uniforms we will not only boost the confidence of the students themselves, but have the added benefit of raising the overall atmosphere of the school.

Lunches for the students:
Most children in our schools come to school without a lunch. Our feeding program feeds all of our students every day they come to school. Empty bellies make it hard to concentrate, but full bellies fuel their minds to learn and grow!

Remaining funds go toward teacher salaries, ongoing improvements to our schools, and outreach projects to both students and staff.

We will send you yearly updates about your child including their grade, family information as well as some of your child's likes/dislikes and what they dream of being when they grow up.

Your personal encouragement to your child makes a big difference! That's what we recommend:

· Hand-write a letter to your sponsored child a few times a year

· Send a family photo or a pictures of your daily life

· Mail a package - your sponsored child will love small toys, candies (none that melt), school supplies, hygiene items or other gifts from you

· Write an email - we’ll make sure your message is delivered!

We are so excited to have you join us in making a difference together - for good.